Trip to Wyoming and Utah September 2013
ringlake-view  Ring Lake View plane-teton2  Grand Tetons beautifull-stream  Stream outside of Jackson Hole famous-farm
SAM 1029  Ring Lake Wyoming SAM 1032  Baboon Mountain as seen from my Cabin SAM 1034  Sage Brush everywhere SAM 1035  Sage brush
SAM 1045  Our Cabin at Ring Lake dubois1  Dubois Cemetary dubois3  Town of Dubois Wyoming SAM 1053  My Brothers Rescue 1 response Vehicle
SAM 1058 coral SAM 1075  My Brother Pat on the Way to Lake Louise lakeloise2
lakeloise  Lake Louise in Background SAM 1143  Ring Lake Evening SAM 1180 SAM 1181  Brooks Lake Wyoming
SAM 1183  Brooks Lake SAM 1185  Zion ringlake-view2  Ring Lake View SAM 1235  The Narrows in Zion National Park